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Three Mistakes People Make After Their First Car Accident

Being in a car accident is always stressful and scary, especially if it is your first one. Many young drivers are unaware of the proper steps that must be taken. In fact, sometimes they do things completely wrong. If you are involved in a crash, you need to be prepared. Here are common mistakes made after a first motor vehicle collision and what to do instead.

How to handle a car accident when you are driving

No one likes having to think about car accidents, especially the prospect of being involved in an accident when you are driving. Still, it happens all the time; tens of thousands of times each year across the U.S. Unfortunately, chances are that most of us will be involved in some kind of car accident over the course of our driving lives, possibly resulting in injuries. It is best to have a good idea ahead of time how to take care of yourself and others at the scene, until qualified medical help arrives. 

A startling rise in traffic fatalities

Bertha, a mother of four and grandmother of two, never saw it coming. As she drove home on US Highway 290 in Houston, from out of nowhere a Ford F-150 came crashing down on her SUV. The driver had slammed into an impact barrier with such force, the truck went airborne. He and his passenger walked away with minor injuries. Bertha didn't. Four days later, her family attended her funeral.

The '100 Deadliest Days' have begun

As schools close for the summer, teenagers lucky enough to have their driver's licenses will take advantage of their new-found freedom to get to summer jobs, pick up their friends or just cruise around town. However, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day - traditionally known as "summer" - has a much more sobering title according to a recent report: the '100 Deadliest Days."

Would automatic braking keep us safer?

Vehicle safety advocates seem to think so. The Associated Press reports that over the past few months, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been negotiating with automakers and insurance groups about including automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems within most vehicles. This developing technology has the ability to apply the brakes without the driver's involvement if the vehicle senses it will collide with something.

Injured in a car crash? Be cautious with settlement offers

When Knoxville residents or their family members experience a deep tragedy, it is important that everything possible be done to protect their best interests. Unfortunately, when others are at fault for causing the tragedy, those individuals may seek to avoid taking full responsibility for their actions.

What traps might a person face from insurers after an accident?

The aftermath of a tragic situation can be very difficult for Knoxville residents. A serious car accident, for example, can leave a person with a flood of emotions in the following days, weeks, months or even years, particularly when severe injury resulted from the crash. In the midst of these emotions, individuals often must make important decisions about how to proceed with their lives, including how to resolve legal issues stemming from the car accident.

Multi-vehicle crash kills Knoxville woman

There are few things worse than suffering serious injuries at the hands of another person. Knoxville residents can have their lives changed forever after another person causes a car collision. Fortunately, those injured by another person's actions have recourse available, as they can hold the other person accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.

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