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Premises Liability Archives

Top cause of injury-related deaths for those over 65 may surprise

Knoxville residents are often bombarded with images of various dangers on the nightly news and other sources. While these stories are presented in a way that makes individuals appear at risk of danger, most times, the real dangers confronting individuals appear in the most ordinary of circumstances.

Understanding how premises liability law protects victims

In general, individuals have a reasonable expectation of safety on the premises of others and property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe. In circumstances when a spill is not properly or promptly cleaned up or if hazards are not properly fixed or if property is maintained in poor condition and victims are harmed, a property owner may be responsible to reimburse the victim for their damages.

When can a store be held responsible for injuries to customers?

When most Knoxville residents imagine someone getting seriously injured, they may think of dangerous or risky situations where injuries are more likely to result. In reality, serious injuries can occur even in the most normal and benign of environments, when getting hurt is the furthest thing from someone's mind.

Does a person's intent matter in a Tennessee negligence case?

When Tennessee residents suffer injury at the hands of another person, the injured individual deserves justice. This is easy to understand when the other person intentionally caused the injury, but injured persons may not realize they may have an equal right to justice in some cases, even if the injury was unintentional.

Getting compensation and accountability after an injury

When bad things happen to Tennessee residents, individuals expect that action will be taken to fix the problem. No time is this more true than when individuals suffer a personal injury at the hands of another person. The injured individuals want action taken to fix the problem, not only as a way of providing relief to the injured person, but also in order to avoid future incidents that could injure other people.

Does a property owner own a duty to everyone on their property?

In last week's blog, the discussion focused on whether remedial measures taken after an accident could be used against a property owner. While these subsequent remedial measures may generally be inadmissible in a negligence trial, there are exceptions that apply to this general rule, including in situations where a person is disputing whether or she owned or was in control of the property at issue.

Can a person's fixing of defective property be used against him?

When things break, many Tennessee residents take action to fix them. This may be particularly true if the thing that broke injured someone else. Injured parties as well may want the dangerous property condition to be fixed immediately so that others are not hurt by the same item.

Watch out for low offers from insurance companies after injury

Most Tennessee residents would agree they could use a little more money in order to help pay the bills or purchase some needed assets. This is particularly true when individuals find themselves with an injury that leaves them unable or limited in their ability to work.

Finding the best solution when difficult personal injuries occur

Communities in Tennessee work best when everyone does their part. Individuals have personal responsibility for their actions, and when they fail to live up to that responsibility, they should be held accountable by others. This is particularly true when a person's actions, or failure to act, causes injury to another person, as with the case of premises liability.

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