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Car Accidents Archives

Injured in a car crash? Be cautious with settlement offers

When Knoxville residents or their family members experience a deep tragedy, it is important that everything possible be done to protect their best interests. Unfortunately, when others are at fault for causing the tragedy, those individuals may seek to avoid taking full responsibility for their actions.

What traps might a person face from insurers after an accident?

The aftermath of a tragic situation can be very difficult for Knoxville residents. A serious car accident, for example, can leave a person with a flood of emotions in the following days, weeks, months or even years, particularly when severe injury resulted from the crash. In the midst of these emotions, individuals often must make important decisions about how to proceed with their lives, including how to resolve legal issues stemming from the car accident.

Multi-vehicle crash kills Knoxville woman

There are few things worse than suffering serious injuries at the hands of another person. Knoxville residents can have their lives changed forever after another person causes a car collision. Fortunately, those injured by another person's actions have recourse available, as they can hold the other person accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.

Texting and driving: The worst kind of distracted driving?

Advances in technology have become increasingly important for Knoxville residents of all ages. Younger people in particular are heavily dependent on technology, including smart phones, tablets and similar devices. While these devices have connected individuals together and increased the flow of information, they also present certain dangers, particularly when they are used improperly.

Study confirms higher rates of crashes for teen drivers

There are few moments that are more exciting in a young Knoxville resident's life than the day he or she gets a driver's license. This may also be a moment feared by many parents, as teenagers have a reputation for unsafe driving. It turns out these fears may be well founded, according to a new study from AAA.

There is more to a lawsuit than the facts of the case

When legal issues arise for Knoxville residents, individuals should understand how to best position themselves to obtain relief. This goes far beyond understanding the basic facts of the case, as many factors may play into the liability determination in a case.

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