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What traps might a person face from insurers after an accident?

The aftermath of a tragic situation can be very difficult for Knoxville residents. A serious car accident, for example, can leave a person with a flood of emotions in the following days, weeks, months or even years, particularly when severe injury resulted from the crash. In the midst of these emotions, individuals often must make important decisions about how to proceed with their lives, including how to resolve legal issues stemming from the car accident.

One key issue that is present with many crashes involves the interplay of car insurance. Individuals may have many questions about what is or is not covered by their insurance in terms of the damage to the car and the medical expenses or other costs related to the accident. Likewise, there may be questions about what will be covered by the other motorist's insurance, and how that motorist's fault may play into the insurance determination.

While it is helpful for individuals to understand their coverage and be in close contact with their insurance company, it is also vital that they do not get taken advantage of during this sensitive time. These situations can be fraught with danger if a person does not fully understand his or her rights.

For instance, individuals should be wary of making written statements to an insurer until all of the coverage details are known. These statements could be used against the person later, even if that was not clear from the outset.

Moreover, insurers often have low estimates in terms of the compensation a person should be provided after a car accident. Insurers may attempt to pay a low amount to an injured person, while having the person sign a release or waiver that prohibits the person from bringing a claim later on. Before signing any such waiver or accepting payment, injured persons should be sure they know what all of their damages are and whether they are getting a fair deal if they accept the offer.

Source: Findlaw, "Car insurance claims: Dos and don'ts," accessed on September 12, 2015

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