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What makes a dog "dangerous"?

Several dog breeds have a reputation for being dangerous, like American pit bulls, Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers. Many landlords prohibit tenants from owning such "junk-yard dogs" because, according to popular belief anyway, these dogs have a propensity to be aggressive.

However, according to the ASPCA, there is "no credible evidence that breed determines or predicts dangerousness." Instead, aggression in dogs is most often linked to a lack of proper training and socialization, animal cruelty or encouragement on the part of their owners to act aggressively. Any dog of any size can attack someone, especially if it is provoked or feels threatened. As pack animals, dogs may also react negatively to someone they feel threatens their owner, or "pack leader."

Top cause of injury-related deaths for those over 65 may surprise

Knoxville residents are often bombarded with images of various dangers on the nightly news and other sources. While these stories are presented in a way that makes individuals appear at risk of danger, most times, the real dangers confronting individuals appear in the most ordinary of circumstances.

For example, individuals are often injured through slip-and-fall accidents that can happen on any sidewalk or steps in the city. This is especially true for older adults, who are at greater risk of suffering falls.

Driver cited, facing criminal charges, after fatal TN accident

Everyone must play by the same rules. And yet, that frequently does not happen, as certain Knoxville residents violate the rules, which can result in severe injury to others.

A simple failure to yield, for example, can result in a car accident that seriously injures other motorists who had the right of way. In other cases, a motorist's decision to speed or engage in distracted driving can cause devastating accidents hurting others.

Understanding how premises liability law protects victims

In general, individuals have a reasonable expectation of safety on the premises of others and property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe. In circumstances when a spill is not properly or promptly cleaned up or if hazards are not properly fixed or if property is maintained in poor condition and victims are harmed, a property owner may be responsible to reimburse the victim for their damages.

Examples of dangerous property conditions can include wet floors without warning signs present; hazardous stairs and hand rails; poorly-laid carpet; uneven pavement and sidewalks; and uncovered manholes and unmarked city streets. There are a number of ways in which a property condition may be dangerous or hazardous for victims and property owners who fail to provide warnings of the danger or hazard, or repair it, depending on the circumstances, may be responsible to compensate the victim for damages.

Injured in a car crash? Be cautious with settlement offers

When Knoxville residents or their family members experience a deep tragedy, it is important that everything possible be done to protect their best interests. Unfortunately, when others are at fault for causing the tragedy, those individuals may seek to avoid taking full responsibility for their actions.

This often occurs after a serious car accident, as the party that caused the crash may deny responsibility to the injured person. This denial of responsibility may warrant a negligence lawsuit in order to let a judge or jury decide the matter and hold the other motorist accountable.

What traps might a person face from insurers after an accident?

The aftermath of a tragic situation can be very difficult for Knoxville residents. A serious car accident, for example, can leave a person with a flood of emotions in the following days, weeks, months or even years, particularly when severe injury resulted from the crash. In the midst of these emotions, individuals often must make important decisions about how to proceed with their lives, including how to resolve legal issues stemming from the car accident.

One key issue that is present with many crashes involves the interplay of car insurance. Individuals may have many questions about what is or is not covered by their insurance in terms of the damage to the car and the medical expenses or other costs related to the accident. Likewise, there may be questions about what will be covered by the other motorist's insurance, and how that motorist's fault may play into the insurance determination.

Multi-vehicle crash kills Knoxville woman

There are few things worse than suffering serious injuries at the hands of another person. Knoxville residents can have their lives changed forever after another person causes a car collision. Fortunately, those injured by another person's actions have recourse available, as they can hold the other person accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.

According to reports, a Knoxville woman was tragically killed recently in a car crash. Reports says she suffered fatal injuries after a southbound van crossed into the northbound lane and struck the vehicle the woman was riding in at the time. A third vehicle was also involved in the crash, and multiple individuals were taken to the hospital after the incident. It remains unclear what caused the first car to veer into the other lane.

When can a store be held responsible for injuries to customers?

When most Knoxville residents imagine someone getting seriously injured, they may think of dangerous or risky situations where injuries are more likely to result. In reality, serious injuries can occur even in the most normal and benign of environments, when getting hurt is the furthest thing from someone's mind.

A good example of this is with injuries that occur at retail stores. A customer of a store is often preoccupied with checking items off his or her list during the shopping trip, when an incident like a slip and fall can occur. These incidents can be surprisingly damaging for individuals, as even a simple slip and fall can result in serious injuries.

Holding a truck driver accountable after a semi-truck accident

Fairness is an important principle for Knoxville residents in their everyday lives. And yet, there are some situations that are inherently unfair, such that individuals have no way to level the playing field.

When it comes to operating motor vehicles, this unfairness is at play whenever there is an accident between a tractor-trailer and a car or pickup truck. The great disparity in size between a tractor-trailer and a car simply gives the car little chance of making it out of the accident without more damage than the tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, this also means the driver and occupants of the car are at far greater danger than the semi-tractor driver.

What rules of the road apply to truck drivers?

Many Knoxville residents agree that everyone must play by the rules. And yet, certain individuals are held to higher standards than others because of their position or experience.

When it comes to the rules of the road, for example, not every motorist is held to the same standards. Some, such as semi-truck drivers, are held to different standards then regular motorists, because of their training and experience in driving a larger vehicle.

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