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Surviving a motorcycle crash: Most common types of injuries

Many Knoxville motorcyclists are so eager to hit the roads on their bikes that they fail to consider the types of injuries they could sustain. Their vehicles do not afford them the same protections as passenger cars do. Even when riders practice safe driving habits, their risk of injury and death is significantly higher than other types of motorists when crashes occur. 

Many bikers do not wear helmets and riding gear because they do not like the way the items look or the gear may interfere with their ability to see, hear and ride comfortably. These factors and more can make it hard for bikers to walk away from motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles and increase the risk for severe and traumatic injuries. Bikers can minimize this risk by learning about the common injuries that can occur when they fall or collide with other motorists. 

Skin abrasions and bruises 

The friction and impact from an accident can result in bruises, lacerations and abrasions. The most common areas for bikers to develop these injuries are on their hands, legs and feet. They are less common in motorcyclists who wear appropriate riding gear. 

Broken bones and fractures 

The impact of falling off or being thrown from their bikes, or being hit by other cars, can cause some riders to sustain broken bones and fractures. Common areas for fractures to occur are the face, hips and upper and lower extremity joints. Bikers who do not wear helmets are particularly at risk for facial injury.  

Nerve and tissue damage 

The impact of motorcycle accidents can create enough force to strain and tear the victim's ligaments, tendons and muscles. The trauma can also result in soft tissue and never damage that can range in severity and lead to temporary or permanent paralysis and disability. 

Traumatic brain injuries 

Some motorcycle crash victims end up with skull fractures and brain injuries. These injuries can lead to long-term brain damage and the loss of some motor skills and bodily functions. 

Motorcycle accidents can alter the lives of bikers in ways they can only imagine. Bikers who wear riding gear and practice safe riding behaviors can reduce their risk of injury. They can also lessen the severity of any injuries they do receive. Matters involving motorcycle accidents can be challenging for victims to manage. Anyone who needs legal assistance after being involved in a motorcycle crash should speak to an attorney for guidance.

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