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Tips for staying safe on a motorcycle this spring

Spring is in full swing, and that means more pedestrians, cyclists, animals and construction workers are taking to the roadway. If you are doing the same on a motorcycle and getting in those first glorious rides of the season, be on high alert for potential hazards for the safety of yourself and everyone sharing the road. It is no secret that motorcyclists are often on the losing end of collisions due to the lack of protection between them and the pavement, so to minimize your chances of a motorcycle accident, consider taking the following seasonal precautions.

Be aware of environmental hazards

Springtime in Tennessee almost always sees some degree of wet weather, and when precipitation mixes with grease or oil, it can make for seriously slippery driving conditions. Water pooling on the roadway can also conceal potholes, so keep a close eye on the road directly ahead of you to give yourself ample time to stop or move around such hazards, if need be. Many animals also become more active at this time of year and they, too, can prove hazardous for you and other drivers.

Take proper precautions

Wearing a helmet is common sense as well as required by law for all Tennessee riders. It is also wise to don brightly colored clothing and to ride with your light on, regardless of time of day, because you cannot always count on other motorists to stay vigilant and attentive behind the wheel. On that note, make sure to use your turn signal every time you turn, and to flip it on with enough time for the vehicle behind you to see it. Additionally, to the fullest extent possible, try to avoid lingering in other motorists blind spots.

Staying safe on your motorcycle is as much about making smart choices as it is taking precautions against other drivers you cannot control. If you have suffered an injury because of an accident on your motorcycle due to another driver’s negligence or “just not seeing you” consider contacting a lawyer.

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