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3 ways social media can put your personal injury claim at risk

People share just about every detail of their lives on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, from birth announcements and restaurant reviews to pictures of a new haircut and news of a promotion.

However easy it may be to share this information with followers, friends and fans, the fact is that it is not always wise. For instance, if you have filed a personal injury claim after a serious car accident, social media may not be the best place for you to be.

As discussed more thoroughly in this article, defendants in a personal injury lawsuit often try to avoid liability by arguing they weren't negligent or that they did not cause the damages cited by a plaintiff. In order to support this argument, they may go searching through your social media and online activities. Here are three ways your social media account may be used against you:


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If there are pictures of you online doing things like skiing, drinking margaritas on vacation, biking or engaged in any type of activity that contradicts claims that you have been seriously hurt, your case could be seriously jeopardized. At minimum, you could lose compensation if your injuries appear to be less severe than you claim.

Comments about the event

Sharing information on blogs or other personal websites can give people a false sense of security and freedom. You may feel like you can say whatever you want without consequence, but if you are writing something online that is different from what you stated in court, your credibility could be called into question.

Interactions with others

In general, communicating with certain parties when a legal claim has been filed after an accident is unwise. It may even be prohibited. If it is discovered that you, your family or your friends have been engaged in prohibited, abusive or threatening interactions with certain parties online, your case could be dismissed.

What you should do

Before you put your claim and your compensation in jeopardy, think carefully about your online presence and interactions. Make sure you closely monitor pictures of yourself that are posted online and avoid making any statements that could make you look less credible.

For more specific guidance and tips on how to protect yourself and your legal claim, you can discuss the legal implications of social media behaviors with a personal injury attorney.

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