Maximizing Your Compensation After A Debilitating Back Or Neck Injury

Back, neck and spinal cord injuries can cause extreme physical pain and loss of mobility. These injuries often take years to heal and require surgery and ongoing physical therapy. More severe back and neck injuries may never fully heal, leaving accident victims with lifelong pain.

At the Garza Law Firm PLLC, we have been fighting for the rights of accident victims throughout eastern Tennessee for 10 years. Clients turn to our firm because they know they will be taken care of. We take the time to get to know you and your family. Our attorneys are dedicated to your case and will do everything in their power to get you the compensation you deserve.

Handling Claims For Whiplash, Slipped Discs And Spinal Injuries

Back, neck and spine injuries can severely interfere with your life. Many suffers are unable to work — manual labor jobs are often out of the question, and even sitting at a desk can be painful. Participating in other daily activities, such as carrying groceries or playing with your children, can be painful.

At the Garza Law Firm PLLC, we understand the major impact a back or neck injury can have on your life. We will work hard to get you the compensation you need to treat your injuries, pay your bills and support your family.

Common neck, back and spinal cord injuries include:

  • Slipped, bulging and herniated discs
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal fractures
  • Nerve injuries, such as pinched nerves
  • Tingling, numbness and loss of mobility in fingers and limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Quadriplegia
  • Paraplegia

Getting The Compensation You Need To Heal

Our lawyers prepare every case for trial. We thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident, interview witnesses and work closely with treating doctors to develop our clients' cases. Our preparation and dedication often lead to better settlement offers that make trial unnecessary. However, if trial is necessary to get you the compensation you deserve, we will go to court.

For help after a back or neck injury, contact our attorneys at 865-329-6982 or 866-893-8413. We represent accident victims in the Knoxville area and throughout Tennessee. Consultations are always free, and your case will be taken on a contingency basis — you won't pay us until we recover compensation on your behalf.