Help When Products Fail To Keep You Safe

Every day, it seems, a new product hits the market with promises to make our lives easier and better, and reduce the amount of time we spend completing daily tasks. Sometimes these products work, sometimes they don't. In certain circumstances, problems in the design or manufacturing process can make products dangerous, leaving innocent consumers with serious injuries.

At the Garza Law Firm PLLC, we work for the people. Our goal is simple: to help injured consumers get access to medical care and obtain the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. Located in Knoxville, our attorneys serve injury victims throughout eastern Tennessee.

Handling Injury Claims Caused By Dangerous Products

At the Garza Law Firm PLLC, our attorneys know preparation means the difference between a subpar settlement offer and sizeable compensation. We thoroughly investigate your injury and evaluate the product.

Some products are inherently dangerous. When this is the case, manufacturers and retailers have a duty to warn users of danger. Other times, a design or manufacturing defect causes a product to malfunction and injure the user.

Our investigation includes how the product was being used at the time of the accident, whether proper warning labels were in place and whether the design was inherently dangerous. If manufacturers, distributors or retailers failed to adequately warn you of the risks, or if a defect caused the product to malfunction and injure you, we will find out and use it to maximize your compensation.

Our Approach To Injury Claims

At the Garza Law Firm PLLC, we always proceed as if it were one of our family members who had been injured. We never recommend a legal strategy unless we truly believe it is in your best interests.

We consider ourselves trial attorneys and we are proud of it. However, we know litigation is not always the best way to resolve a case. Our lawyers are in constant negotiations with insurance companies in attempts to secure a settlement offer that makes trial unnecessary.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective product, you may have a claim for compensation. Contact our product liability attorneys today at 865-329-6982 or 866-893-8413. Consultations are free.