Top Causes of Tennessee Car Wrecks

Individual accidents can come out of nowhere, changing lives in the blink-of-an-eye. However, the causes of accidents overall are all too predictable.

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Distracted Driving

"Put your phone down and drive" or "pay attention to the road in front of you" sound simple enough. But, for far too many drivers, paying attention to their surroundings is the most difficult thing in the world.

People in Tennessee are injured every year in accidents stemming from distractions such as talking on cell phones, texting-while-driving, horsing around with friends, and putting on makeup. If it shouldn't be done behind the wheel, chances are someone somewhere is doing it.

Sleepy Drivers

We're tired and we're driving. That's the sad truth of things. People aren't getting enough sleep, but they're not letting that stop them from getting behind the wheel. The result is catastrophic injury and death as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Drunk Driving

No matter how many advertisements are aired and examples made of the convicted, people are still drinking and driving in Tennessee.


Driving too fast can be dangerous on its own, but combining speeding with inattentive driving, drunk driving, or drowsiness is a recipe for disaster. Some drivers have a lead foot and a penchant for aggressive driving, another combination that can result in injuries and death for innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

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