What Exactly Is The Theft Of Trade Secrets?

The 1996 Economic Espionage Act (18 U.S.C. §1831) prohibits the theft of trade secrets by any individual or entity. Economic espionage is defined as stealing trade secrets (ideas, formulas, products, etc.) and either gaining economically from them, or selling or giving them to a foreign power. With increasing globalization, economic espionage is a growing concern to companies that want to stay competitive in the unregulated global market.

A federal economic espionage crime indictment charges a person with the theft of trade or industrial secrets from a private business or company in interstate commerce. Usually, the private business or company adds resources in addition to those of the federal government, making defense against these charges very expensive. Furthermore, if the private company or business is a military defense contractor, then the charges can also involve national or international espionage.

Given the complex legal implications of an economic espionage charge, it is vital that a lawyer that understands economic espionage be involved in the defense of any such charge.

Your Advocate Against These Complex Charges

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