Understanding Criminal Tax Charges

A lot of federal white collar prosecutions are for tax criminal offenses, such as tax evasion, failure to file income tax returns, or tax fraud. Tax criminal offenses are those which are in violation of the criminal statutes of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and Title 18 of the Code of Federal Regulations as applicable to the IRC.

There are a few unique factors to keep in mind in the event that you are under investigation for violations of the Internal Revenue Code. The typical criminal tax case is investigated by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division (CID). CID investigators are federal agents properly trained in law enforcement procedures and tactics.

The implications of IRS criminal investigations can be very severe. This is why you need an experienced Tennessee criminal tax lawyer to advise you through the process. These types of cases entail many types of conduct, varying from the simple intentional failure to file tax returns to more complex tax evasion schemes. The potential penalties consist of imprisonment, hefty penalties, and economic ruin.

Experienced Defense Against Tax Evasion Charges And Other Crimes

In the event that you or your company are worried about a potential criminal tax investigation for tax fraud or tax evasion; if someone has threatened to report you to the IRS; if you or an employee has received a summons or perhaps a subpoena; or been contacted by IRS special agents, call the Garza Law Firm PLLC in Knoxville at 865-329-6982 or 866-893-8413.

In criminal tax cases it is essential to have a criminal tax attorney who is not only well experienced in federal criminal issues, but who also has had significant experience in federal criminal tax cases.