Defense Against Terrorism Charges

Since September 11, 2001, the federal government has increased the scope of federal act of terror crime indictments. Potentially, any violent act that involves an explosive or weapon of mass destruction, or that targets law enforcement, emergency personnel, schools or public places can potential lead to a federal act of terror crime indictment.

A federal act of terror crime indictment can have severe penalties under the federal sentencing guidelines, including sentences that range from 30 years to life for each charge or count in the indictment. If you, a family member, or even a close friend, are the target of a terrorism investigation by any governmental organization, usually the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), it is essential that you promptly seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The instant you know, or reasonably believe, that a criminal investigation has began, you should contact our firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, at 865-329-6982 or 866-893-8413.

Our Lawyer And Team Are Ready To Act For You

Don't talk to any investigator, or law enforcement personnel, without having legal counsel present. Cooperation without having legal counsel could be a prelude to potential difficulties and, in some instances, lead to a confession.

Marcos Garza has represented individuals who were targeted as suspects and charged with terrorism-related crimes. He understands these distressing law enforcement investigations and is qualified to deal with the particulars of the federal government prosecutions that too frequently evolve from those investigations.

Mr. Garza stands prepared to defend you against the stunning and overwhelming power of the federal government as soon as it has zeroed in on you with a terrorism-related crime of indictment, which can have destructive personal, monetary and psychological ramifications.