How Do I Defend Myself Against Violent Crime Charges?

Violent criminal offenses are the most severe crimes that can be committed. Due to the harmful characteristics of violent crimes (assault, rape, murder, kidnapping, and much more) prison sentences are extreme, and may even lead to the death penalty of the convicted individual.

The only real answer is to seek out an experienced team of Knoxville criminal defense attorneys, ones who can protect your rights and future by keeping you from going to prison, or worse, the death penalty being imposed upon you.

Defining Violent Crimes Legally

A violent criminal offense is described as an action or threat of violence upon another. Violent crimes can happen as the initial intent of the charged — for instance a murder or forcible rape — or perhaps as the means to an end, such as an attack during a robbery.

Below are just a few of the violent crimes we defend:

  • Domestic violence, or violence between or toward a cohabitant or spouse
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Assault (sexual, aggravated or simple), which will depend upon severity of injuries, intent of the assailant and whether a deadly weapon was used
  • Kidnapping
  • Forcible rape
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter, a lesser sentence of murder, usually when accidental or when not premeditated

We Have A Private Investigator On Staff

You won't need to depend upon the law enforcement report to build your defense when you hire The Garza Law Firm PLLC to represent you. You will not only benefit from having an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner, you will also reap the benefits of our numerous legal resources. We will conduct our own investigation using our own criminal investigator, which will add vigor to your case during trial.

Our firm also has valuable connections with other experts. By utilizing specialized evidence-gathering methods, our team is able to analyze all the facts independently and develop a strong defense for you.

Put A Tough Defense Team On Your Side

Violent criminal offenses are among the most challenging to defend. Due to the horrible or disturbing nature of the allegations, prosecutors will be tough and juries may not want to listen to the defense. The criminal defense lawyers at the Garza Law Firm PLLC have devoted their careers to protecting the rights and futures of Tennessee residents. Through our extensive experience in criminal law, in Tennessee particularly, our staff is aware of exactly what is necessary to prove your innocence.