Drug Crime Conviction Carries Serious Penalties

Throughout the state of Tennessee, criminal offenses relating to drugs are a serious matter. Tennessee takes these kinds of allegations extremely seriously, will prosecute the accused vigorously and punish those who are convicted. Because of this, it is essential that an individual does not hesitate to hire the legal assistance of a skilled Knoxville, Tennessee, criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Drug offenses in Tennessee carry the very real possibility of mandatory jail time, substantial fines and a felony conviction on your record. An individual charged with drug trafficking, drug conspiracy, manufacture, sale or delivery, simple possession or possession of drug paraphernalia needs an attorney experienced in defending drug offenses.

Fees and penalties for drug crimes can vary based on the seriousness of the criminal offense and the quantity and kind of narcotic involved, as well as the type of charge, whether possession, distribution, growing, or manufacturing. Being successfully convicted of a drug offense could lead to stiff penalties and consequences, such as prolonged stays in jail and large fines.

These types of fees and penalties must not be taken lightly, and if convicted, will have an immediate impact that could last the rest of your life.

Preventing These Penalties From Becoming A Reality

The attorneys at the Garza Law Firm PLLC have vast experience defending drug charges in Knox County and surrounding East Tennessee areas. We represent clients accused of drug offenses in state and federal court. Our criminal defense lawyers are experienced in handling a variety of serious felony drug charges including:

Drug charges implicate a variety of constitutional rights. Illegal search and seizure, illegal police interrogations, illegal wiretaps and invalid search warrants are a few of the many issues an experienced criminal defense lawyer will investigate and challenge in court.

At the Garza Law Firm, we realize how terrifying allegations of a drug offense can be. We have seen directly how criminal charges can give the accused a feeling of being isolated, scared and confounded by the law and the legal system, which they must now find the way to comprehend. We will work with an investigator to investigate every possible defense, interview witnesses and to gather evidence favorable to our client.

We Are On Your Side

Having an experienced attorney representing and defending your rights is the first step in taking control of your life. We are committed to always producing the thorough and compelling advice that our clients need when fighting these types of criminal offenses.

We have a central school of thought, which is that success can usually be found in the facts. For that reason, we do not shy away from putting in the painstaking work that each case might require. When you work with the legal team from our office, you can always be assured that we will do everything feasible to point you in the direction of a desirable outcome.