Domestic Violence Charges Have Potentially Lifelong Consequences

The particular legal implications for domestic violence in East Tennessee can be severe. You could be facing substantial fines, jail time, or both. A criminal conviction also increases the likelihood that the assumed victim could possibly acquire a restraining order or injunction against you. The restraining order may possibly stay in effect forever.

Domestic violence (also known as "spousal abuse") is actually described as a violent criminal offense affecting cohabitants (individuals living together) or husbands and wives. It can be any crime resulting in the injury or death of one family or household member to another.

Due to the sensitive nature of violent criminal offenses involving family members, particularly when children are involved, retaining a criminal defense lawyer who is skilled in domestic violence law is a must to protect you and your family's rights and future.

When Empty Threats Turn Into Real Consequences

If you are charged with domestic violence, your options may appear minimal. Nevertheless, many defenses are available.

Frequently, law enforcement officers are called during an argument between individuals after one of the parties becomes upset with the other. The particular caller often has no intention of "pressing charges" against their wife, husband, partner, or significant other.

However, in Tennessee, charges could possibly be filed whether the supposed victim wants to "file charges" or not. What starts as a threat during a fight between husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, can rapidly develop into false charges of verbal or physical abuse. This is where the problem begins.

Act Quickly If You've Been Charged With Domestic Abuse

If you've been charged with a domestic violence criminal offense, acting quickly will probably positively affect the results of your case. The earlier you contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer, the better are your odds of getting your case dismissed.

Domestic violence convictions can result in a predicament where you never get to see your husband or wife again. Certainly, you realize that is not the right thing for your family. It will be the job of your criminal defense attorney to prove your innocence and protect you and your future.

By contacting the Garza Law Firm, you will definitely get an attorney whose most important priority is to defend your rights and protect your future.