Who You Choose To Defend You Matters

The attorneys at the Garza Law Firm have successfully handled cases throughout Tennessee in juvenile, municipal, state and federal courts. Here at our firm, we know that being convicted of a criminal offense can have a lot to do with the representation given by the lawyer handling the case. The lawyers at our firm have handled a wide variety of cases that include but are not limited to DUI defense, violent crimes and drug arrests.

Our Approach To Criminal Defense Cases

Whatever the criminal charge, we here at the Garza Law Firm understand the importance of maintaining our client's freedom and protecting against a criminal conviction that can follow a person for years. Quite simply, we defend your present and future.

When We Say We're Responsive, We Mean It

If you are accused of a crime and the law enforcement officials are investigating you, time is of the essence. Every moment counts.

We have a very high success rate when it comes to preventing criminal allegations from turning into formal charges and closing criminal investigations. We're able to do this due to the fact we proceed swiftly, and we never ever cease working hard to defend your future.

Our main priority is being there for you when you need us. Many other firms out there aren't available when you call. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Our Knoxville Attorneys Can Help You

The Knoxville criminal defense attorneys at the Garza Law Firm know the laws that surround all misdemeanors and felonies and we've handled everything from sex crimes to fraud and other white collar crimes to drug possession. We aggressively defend all criminal charges and criminal offenses. The Garza Law Firm handles federal crime, juvenile crime and appeals.

Below are some of the cases we handle:

We're Confident In Our Ability To Protect Your Rights And Future

If you've been accused of any criminal offense, whether it is domestic violence, probation violation, burglary or any other crime, we CAN help you. Contact our criminal defense lawyers today so that you may have the best representation possible!