Your Interests Are Worth Protecting

When your legal rights are at stake, you need a legal team that will put you first. At the Garza Law Firm PLLC, we put our egos aside; everything we do is in our clients' best interests, not our own. We always think about your situation from your perspective. We ask ourselves: Is this the path we would choose if we were in your position?

Our firm has been serving Knoxville and the eastern Tennessee area for nearly 10 years. We understand the legal and personal struggles people face after being injured in an accident or charged with a crime. We are here to help.

We will protect your legal rights, educate you about your options and make the legal process as understandable and comfortable as possible.

Help From A Skilled Lawyer And Former Marine

Before opening the Garza Law Firm PLLC, attorney Marcos Garza was a judge advocate in the Marine Corps. During his time in the Marines, Mr. Garza focused mainly on trial work. He also received extensive litigation training. Today, he continues to seek education and training to ensure he is current on the latest laws, strategies and legal trends.

For more information about Mr. Garza, please refer to his biography linked below.

Our team includes a former sheriff turned private investigator on staff. We often use his services to investigate our clients' accidents or alleged crime scenes and develop evidence to support their cases.

Ready To Take Your Case Where It Needs To Go

We hope you will find that we are unsurpassed in our commitment, experience and training. We pride ourselves in our willingness to take your case to trial in order to obtain the best possible outcome, but we will never try to convince you to go to trial when it is not in your very best interests.

To schedule a free consultation, contact our firm at 865-329-6982 or 866-893-8413.